The Evening Party

One of my favourite times on a wedding day is the early evening.  The ceremony, meal and speeches are done and everybody is totally relaxed into the day.  It’s often the time of day that guests start to really explore the wedding venue.  So I get to capture your guests enjoying the gardens, touring the grounds, having drinks on the terrace, or sitting in the comfy bar.  There may be a magician for the kids or some fun and silly garden games that appear to attract the adults as much as the younger guests.  I for one, never tire of seeing brides on space hoppers!

Sunset Photos

I love the early evening soft low light and dappled sunshine that can create beautiful romantic images so I like to make the most of it and get a couple of romantic portrait photos of my couples. If there is a sunset, you can be sure that I will be finding you to get out there for some awesome portraits!

The First Dance

There are the traditions of course, the first dance, whether that be a sweet low-key dance that sees you joined on the dancefloor after thirty seconds, or a fully choreographed routine aimed at wowing your guests.   Then there’s the cutting of the wedding cake, or the throwing of the bouquet, which when approached competitively, can make me feel more like a sports photographer than a wedding photographer.  All of these key moments on your wedding day can be captured and recorded forever with beautiful images. 

Dancefloor Party

I love dancefloors at weddings because wedding guests never need much coaxing when it comes to getting onto the dancefloor.  And that includes me, I get right in there, sometimes fearing for my own safety, but it’s always worth it to get those fantastic images of you and your guests cutting your very best shapes.  Live music always takes the wedding party atmosphere to a whole new level and allow me to get some fantastically spontaneous and joyous images.

Nighttime Portraits

After dark wedding venues take on an entirely different hue and make a dramatic and stunning backdrop in romantic portrait images.  So, before I leave, I often like to quickly whisk the two of you outside for a beautiful image of you both in front of your wedding venue.  With the two of you under a starlit sky, with your venue all lit up showing your guests all partying inside.  It always makes the perfect image to close the story of your wedding day.  And, it’s also the perfect time for us to say our goodbyes!

To see some examples of how I capture different parts of your wedding day, check out some of my galleries below