Award Winning Wedding Photography

In the past 9 years of shooting weddings, I’ve been lucky enough to capture over 200 of them, diving into all sorts of traditions and braving every type of weather you can imagine.

I’ve got to say, picking up a few awards along the way has been pretty awesome. It’s not just about the glam for me; these awards really mean something. They’re all about how much I put into my work, judged by folks who know their stuff, not just a popularity thing. They really mean a lot to me and take pride of place in my online world.

But, you know, the awards are just part of the story. They’re a big thumbs up for keeping my standards sky-high and always striving to make every photo the best it can be. Bagging some of these awards more than once just shows I’m all in, constantly upping my game and putting my heart into every shot.

Below are some of the photos I have been fortunate to win awards with over the last years!