Wedding Ceremony Photography

As an experienced Southern Counties wedding photographer, I have captured wedding photography for all major world religions and each has its own rituals and traditions though in many ways they are all reassuringly similar.  The air of anticipation, the joy, the nerves, the love.  That’s always there. 

After all, the ceremony is the reason for the day, for the celebration.  It’s the reason you are all there.  It’s what you have invited your guests to join you in, to witness and to celebrate. 

Ceremony arrivals

I always set myself up early so I can capture the arrivals.  You know as a wedding guest the excitement of arriving at a wedding.  Seeing friends and family you’ve missed, everybody dressed up and looking their best and fizzing with excitement about the day ahead. 

The groom is often greeting his guests, ushers diligently perform their duties, loved ones greeting one another warmly.  These moments make images that perfectly capture the atmosphere just before the ceremony begins. 

The Magical Moments

All wedding ceremonies have their formalities.  And I capture all of these making sure that you look fabulous.  But if I’m honest it’s the little unplanned and spontaneous moments that I love.  Like a secret joke between a bride and her father, the groom’s face when he gets his first glimpse of the bride, the look of relief on the best man’s face once he’s handed over the rings, the sweet little flower girl taking her duties very seriously and the tears of joy from parents and grandparents.  Those are the moments that I capture in a split second and turn into images that tell the story of your wedding ceremony without the need for words.  

I will know already where and how to position myself to get the very best images.  Chances are I’ve photographed weddings there before.  And if I haven’t, I’ll familiarise myself with it in advance.   So that on the day you’ll barely notice I’m there.  I will move around your wedding ceremony unobtrusively capturing it as it unfolds with beautiful and timeless images.

The First Kiss

Wedding ceremonies are full of emotion.  They can make you feel overwhelmed, nervous and overjoyed.  In a few seconds they can spark laughter, then tears and then laughter again. 

And when it comes to the finale of your wedding ceremony, I’ll capture that too.  So, whether that’s a kiss, a round of applause, or a cheer.  Photographing the moment my couples have officially been announced as married is always wonderful. 

It’s Confetti time!

One of my favourite parts of wedding days is straight after the ceremony.  There’s an immediate outpouring of love and joy as everybody spills out of the church or ceremony room.  There are hugs, there are congratulations, there’s confetti.  I love confetti moments. They say everything you need to say about how everybody feels just after a wedding ceremony in just one glorious image. 

The other thing I love about this point in a wedding day is that there’s always a sense that with formalities out of the way, the celebrating can really begin. And being trusted to capture those moments of joy and love is always a huge honour.  

To see some examples of how I capture different parts of your wedding day, check out some of my galleries below