Wedding Reception Photography

The drinks reception is a time for everyone to relax a little after the formalities of the ceremony.  It’s often the first opportunity your guests get to congratulate you and to catch up with each other.  Everybody’s guard comes down so it is always a fantastic time for wedding photographers to get great candid images that really capture the atmosphere of your wedding.

Reception drinks are also the ideal time to take any group images you may want of the most important people at your wedding.  I will do those quickly and without fuss making you all look your fabulous best.  So that you get as much time as possible with your guests.   

Group Photos

Group images can be arranged as you wish.  If you have a specific theme or style for your wedding, I will make sure that your group photographs are in line with that.  So, whether you want natural, fun or styled (or all three) I will provide you with images that you’ll be thrilled with.

Group images are also a chance to really show off your wedding venue.  Dramatic entrances, flower gardens, pretty pergola’s, a lawn with spectacular views, art-deco interiors or a feature fireplace, all make fantastic backdrops in wedding reception photography.   

Your group photograph list is something we will discuss in advance of your wedding day so that we properly allocate the right amount of time so that on the day everything flows seamlessly.    

Capturing the little details

Let’s talk about details because they’re important.  You have spent time carefully and lovingly choosing every detail of your wedding.  So, it’s important that these details are all photographed to tell the full story of your wedding day. 

That quirky rustic table plan board, the personalised wedding favours, the beautiful flowers, elegant candles and chic covers on the chairs.  All warrant images that capture the style and personality of your wedding. 

The fun speeches

The most memorable part of a wedding reception are often the speeches.  Wedding speeches are emotionally charged things, aren’t they?  Howls of laughter, followed by tears of joy, followed the sorrow of absent loved ones, and then back to laughter again.  So again, they are a fantastic time to really capture the essence and atmosphere of your wedding with beautiful storytelling images.  I will discretely capture these special moments so unobtrusively that you’ll hardly notice I’m there.  

Many couples now opt to do wedding speeches before the meal.  I think this is always a good idea as it allows any nervous speech-givers to give their speech and then relax for the rest of the day.  It also means that the tables that you have given lots of thought into dressing beautifully, still look pristine in your wedding photography and wedding film. 

To see some examples of how I capture different parts of your wedding day, check out some of my galleries below