Regents Park Proposal Shoot

Magdalena and Luke’s proposal shoot in Regents Park London

I love proposal shoots, what could be more exciting than being trusted to capture the moment when two people in love decide to spend the rest of their lives together?

And if you’re wondering what could be more exciting than a Regents Park Proposal shoot, the answer is a Regents Park proposal shoot on Christmas Eve!  So, here’s a brief Magdalena and Luke backstory.

Luke is from the UK, Magdalena is from the US, and they both currently live in California.  Luke had bought Magdalena for a trip to London to show her where he grew up.  The plan was for their trip around London to end at Regents Park where Luke planned to propose to Magdalena by the Triton and Dryads Fountain where I would be waiting. 

Regents Park is the perfect location for a proposal shoot in London.  The blend of large open spaces, tree lined pathways, formal gardens and serene lakes give me endless backdrops in my images.  I especially love the Japanese Garden Island and Queen Mary Gardens that has more than 12,000 roses in it (could anything be more romantic than that!)

Experienced Regents Park Proposal Photographer

I was in position about 40 minutes before the shoot was due to start, it was a case of staying covert whilst trying to spot Magdalena and Luke walking down the path towards the fountain. As soon as they arrived, I inconspicuously started to photograph them paparazzi style and captured the moment of the proposal perfectly.  Here, take a look!

Thankfully, Magdalena said yes which meant that Luke could introduce me to Magdalena and we began our fun photoshoot around Regents Park.  The weather was understandably chilli but it was a clear day and there were still a few autumnal colours in the flora and fauna that I was able to include in my images.   The images I got of them on the Japanese Garden Island were amongst my favourites.  Here, take a look!

If you’re currently planning your proposal and are wondering if you should have it photographed feel free to get in touch.  From personal experience,I know that arranging a proposal can feel a bit nerve-wracking and daunting. It’s a defining moment in your life and of course you want to make it perfect! I am here to guide you through every step of the way.  From when you first contact me, to the planning process and on the day. 

You just talk me through the kind of proposal you had in mind and then I will advise you on the best way for it to be photographed.  Whether it’s a paparazzi shot when I discretely photograph the exact moment you propose.  Or an arranged photoshoot for you and your partner where you surprise them with the proposal.  Or a family photoshoot where the two of you surprise your loved ones with news of your engagement.

Creative and natural Regents Park proposal photography

After the proposal.  I do the proposal photoshoot where I take beautiful portrait images of the two of you at or close to your proposal location.  I use a documentary style of photography for this, taking unobtrusive and unposed images where your personalities and the emotion of the moment really shine through.  This authentic style of documentary photography always gives me beautiful and natural results.  As you can see from these images of Magdalena and Luke. 

Many of my couples go on to use the images from their proposal photoshoot in their engagement.

For these two the fairy-tale continues, as Magdalena and Luke are now excitedly planning their wedding in Venice. 

Photographs of Magdalena and Luke’s proposal shoot

at Regents Park