Heckfield Place proposal shoot

Heckfield Place Proposal Shoot

Amar and Priyanka proposal shoot at Heckfield Place

Amar wanted to propose in a beautiful location so chose the Heckfield Place Estate in Hampshire.  This stunning Georgian country house estate in Hampshire is a stunning location to propose.  The grounds have serene lakes, beautifully planted walled gardens, orchards, ancient woodlands and a beautiful glass house. 

Amar chose a pretty pavilion overlooking the small lake and I met up with him before Amar arrived to help him to get everything ready.  Amar had a bottle of champagne, some personalised champagne glasses, some framed photographs of the two of them, candles, tea lights, a beautiful bouquet of flowers and some flower petals, all beautifully displayed on a little bistro table under the pavilion.

I was busy helping Amar to layout the flower petals in the pavilion before Priyanka arrived and suddenly the wind started blowing them away. We scrambled around to catch them however at that moment Priyanka arrived so I quickly dashed out of the way so I could start taking photos and capturing the moments!

Beautiful Heckfield Place proposal shoot

Amar’s efforts were rewarded as Priyanka was delighted and said yes and I captured the joy and emotion of the moment perfectly.  Afterwards, I did a little photoshoot with Amar and Priyanka around the beautiful grounds of Heckfield Place firstly in the pavilion, then in the ancient woodland on a wooden swing.  It was at this point the heavens opened up and I had to dash back to my car to grab an umbrella for Priyanka.  Thankfully the images are all perfect and you’d never know that we’d had a shower!

We then moved onto the walled gardens and took some gorgeous images there with the majestic glass house in the background.  My favourite image of the day was the one of Amar lifting Priyanka amongst the Walled Gardens.  Here, take a look!

If you’re currently planning your proposal and are wondering if you should have it photographed feel free to get in touch.  From personal experience,I know that arranging a proposal can feel a bit nerve-wracking and daunting. It’s a defining moment in your life and of course you want to make it perfect! I am here to guide you through every step of the way.  From when you first contact me, to the planning process and on the day. 

You just talk me through the kind of proposal you had in mind and then I will advise you on the best way for it to be photographed.  Whether it’s a paparazzi shot when I discretely photograph the exact moment you propose.  Or an arranged photoshoot for you and your partner where you surprise them with the proposal.  Or a family photoshoot where the two of you surprise your loved ones with news of your engagement.


Creative and natural Heckfield Place proposal photography

After the proposal.  I do the proposal photoshoot where I take beautiful portrait images of the two of you at or close to your proposal location.  I use a documentary style of photography for this, taking unobtrusive and unposed images where your personalities and the emotion of the moment really shine through.  This authentic style of documentary photography always gives me beautiful and natural results.  As you can see from these images of Amar and Priyanka. 

Many of my couples go on to use the images from their proposal photoshoot in their engagement.

I will get to see Amar and Priyanka again soon as I am photographing their wedding in July 2022 at Four Seasons hotel in Hampshire.  I think I’m looking forward to it nearly as much as they are!