Wedding Albums

I am a strong believer that stunning images should be displayed and printed on only the best quality materials that will last a lifetime.

I offer custom made quality albums designed to your individual requirements. During the design process, you will pick your favourite wedding photos and through guidance and suggestions together we will create an album that tells the full story of the memories and fun of your wedding.


All Album Sets come with a 20 spread album (Approx 70-80 photos) with a handcrafted matching album box with lift ribbon and a USB coated in a matching textile containing all of your wedding photos. The set can also be ordered without a USB. All albums have a stunning handcrafted lay flat design with seamless, panoramic thick spreads which really sets them apart and beautifully shows off your wedding photos.


Albums can be purchased as standalone items which also come with 20 spreads. My Elegant and Luxurious albums also feature a striking acrylic ‘glass like cover’ photo which will leave a lasting impression on all who sees it. Everything about my albums scream luxury. The acrylic, crystal cover, is available in not one, but three different plate formats or you can choose to have no cover.

For an example of a previously designed album please see the below link 

professionally designed bespoke wedding albums

Lite Album

Lite Albums are perfect for those looking to save some money but still want a beautiful album to showcase their wedding day. They have a range of covers but do not feature the acrylic cover option.Lite albums measure 10” x 10” (25 cm x 25 cm)

Standalone Album – £200

Additional spreads – £20 a spread

Elegant Album

Elegant Albums are the ideal way to show off your images with lots of impact. Elegant albums measure 10” x 10” (25 cm x 25 cm)

Standalone Album – £350

Complete Album Set – £450

Additional spreads – £30 a spread

Luxurious Album

Luxurious Albums are for those who want to show off their wedding photos big and bold and with lots of impact to truly wow your friends and family. Luxurious albums measure 12” x 12” (30 cm x 30 cm)

Standalone Album – £450

Complete Album Set – £550

Additional spreads – £30 a spread

Parent Albums

Parent albums make for a perfect gift to give to your parents for them to cherish and remember your amazing day! An easy option if your struggling for ideas for their next birthday, anniversary or Christmas present. Parent albums measure 8” x 8” (20 cm x 20cm) and are in the same style and colour as your main album.

Double Parent Albums – £400

Single Parent Album – £250

creative and affordable wedding albums

Next Step

The link below takes you to my album design choices page. Here you can view the different cover options available for your album. At the end of the page is a form where you can choose your options. I will then get a notification and will start to design the album for you. Once I have designed the album I send you a proofed design for you to approve or you can decide to make changes if you wish.

My goal is to tell your story so I unapologetically tell your story in as many photos and pages that I feel demonstrate that. I never “fill” an album for the hell of it, each page has to have a responsibility and a reason to be there. Your job is to decide whether to leave as per my design or remove or add. There is no right or wrong just personal choice to get your once in a lifetime story told and you are in total control.

I will often design your album with more spreads over and above the 20 spreads of the base album. This is to show you the options available and to really tell that story, however you can choose to reduce the spreads down to your base of 20 spreads (40 pages).You have the option of removing spreads if you wish to just have the base album, or you can choose to keep more in and change photos about. I charge an extra £20 per spread as mentioned in my album pricing above.