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Wedding Albums

I am a strong believer that stunning images should be displayed and printed on only the best quality materials that will last a lifetime.

I offer custom made quality albums designed to your individual requirements. During the design process, you will pick your favourite wedding photos and through guidance and suggestions together we will create an album that tells the full story of the memories and fun of your wedding.


All Album Sets come with a 15 spread album (Approx 50-60 photos) with a handcrafted matching album box with lift ribbon and a USB coated in a matching textile containing all of your wedding photos. The set can also be ordered without a USB. All albums have a stunning handcrafted lay flat design with seamless, panoramic thick spreads which really sets them apart and beautifully shows off your wedding photos.


Albums can be purchased as standalone items which also come with 15 spreads. All albums also feature a striking acrylic ‘glass like cover’ photo which will leave a lasting impression on all who sees it. Everything about my albums scream luxury. The acrylic, crystal cover, is available in not one, but three different plate formats.

For an example of a previously designed album please see the below link 

professionally designed bespoke wedding albums

Clarity Album

Simplicity albums are the perfect size to give as gifts to parents or for couples who prefer a smaller album. Elegant albums measure 8” x 8” (20 cm x 20cm) and are a perfect size for fitting on your coffee table.

Standalone Album – £300

Complete Album Set (Includes a matching, hand-crafted box and a USB) – £400

Additional spreads – £20 a spread

Elegant Album

Elegant Albums are the ideal way to show off your images with lots of impact. Elegant albums measure 10” x 10” (25 cm x 25 cm)

Standalone Album – £400

Complete Album Set – £500

Additional spreads – £20 a spread

Luxurious Album

Luxurious Albums are for those who want to show off their wedding photos big and bold and with lots of impact to truly wow your friends and family. Luxurious albums measure 12” x 12” (30 cm x 30 cm)

Standalone Album – £500

Complete Album Set – £600

Additional spreads – £20 a spread

creative and affordable wedding albums

Photo Paper Types

Simplicity, Elegant and Luxurious albums

Fuji Silk & Fuji Pearl Crystal Archive Digital papers which have images exposed onto them with Silver Halide Noritsu HD technology. These two paper types can be mixed together in one album.

Canon Deep Matte paper has images printed with inkjet technology on the Canon DreamLabo 5000. Canon Deep Matte paper cannot be mixed with other papers in one album.

Platinum 4K

Ultra high-quality inkjet technology featuring a fortified 7-dye ink which provide the most faithful colours and natural skin tones. Three types of genuine Canon DreamLabo 5000 4K print quality paper to choose from: glossy (250g/m²), lustre (250g/m²) or satin (170g/m²).

Next Step

Once you have picked your photos please click on the button below to view the different options for your album design. At the end of the page is a form to fill out and I will then start the album design process!