Album Design Choices

Below is a guide on the different album design choices you can make, once you have decided on your choices, I have included a form below where you can pick your choices and I will receive an email with your album design choices.

Album and Album Box Covers

Album covers come in 3 different texture designs with a variety of colours of your choice. Each album box also has the ability to choose an inside colour textile to perfectly match your album

Velvet & Suede Textiles Colour Choices

Rich and soft velvets in a selection of colours. Find your favourite velvet or suede finish here.

Velvet textiles
Velvet textiles are soft, long-haired textiles which appear to change colours when they are brushed against the material.

Suede textiles
The definition of luxury, Suede textiles are characterised by their short hairs and are available in a variety of beautiful colours.

Earthy Palette

Bright Palette

Soft Palette

Eco Leather Colour Choices

Leatherettes are made from synthetic materials and are vegan-friendly. A great choice for those craving the look and feel of real leather.

Earthy Palette

Soft Palette

Textile Colour Choices

Perfect for any couple craving an aesthetically pleasing, durable linen product that is soft to the touch.

Earthy Palette

Soft Palette

Acrylic Cover

There are 3 different designs of the hand-crafted, stunning acrylic covers to choose from.

Option 1

Photo-book - Photo Album

Option 2

Option 3

Inside Covers

The album inside cover has your names and the date of your wedding and you can choose from a variety of different fonts shown below.


Parent Album Upgrade

Along with your main album, you can choose to upgrade your package to include 2 Parent albums in the same style and colour as your main album in a smaller 8″ x 8″ size. They make for a perfect gift to give to your parents for them to cherish and remember your amazing day! An easy option if your struggling for ideas for their next birthday, anniversary or Christmas present. The cost of 2 Parent albums is £400 or alternatively have 1 parent album for £200. It will arrive at the same time as your album.

If you would like to upgrade your album to include Parent albums, please select the option in the form below and I will send you an invoice which will include any additional spreads you have decided to include.

Your Album Design Choices

Once you have chosen your album design choices, please fill out the form below. Once you click submit, I will receive an email with your choices. I will send you a quick email once I have finished the design and confirmed the photo layout just to confirm your album design choices before I send the design off to my lab.