Why wedding photography is so important

Why wedding photography is so important

As a professional southern counties wedding photographer, I am all too aware that the cost of weddings only goes in one direction and that is up!  With the current average cost of a wedding at approximately £28,000, it’s no wonder couples look to make savings where they can. 

So, I can see that it can be tempting to skimp on a professional wedding photographer.  After all, don’t smartphones make photographers of all of us these days!  But before you do that there are a few things you need to consider.

Choose professional wedding photography for quality photographs

There’s more to photography than having a nice camera.  You need someone who knows how to take photographs in different lights and has a sound understanding of flash photography.  They must have experience of taking photographs in several different conditions during one day and be able to can compose different shots that all complement one another in a natural sequence.  They must instinctively know how to work with available light to create unique photographs. Particularly in churches, barns and castles that have poor light. 

They must know how to tell the story of your wedding day with beautiful timeless images that make you and your guests (but especially you!) look fabulous.  Even the fanciest camera in the world can’t do those things unless it is in the hands of a professional wedding photographer.

These days professional wedding albums look more like expensive coffee table books, containing high-quality images that wouldn’t look out of place in a high-end glossy bridal magazine.  Not one or two images that aren’t bad but an entire catalogue of stunning images that you will treasure for a lifetime.  Why would you settle for anything less?

Chose professional wedding photography for peace of mind

A professional wedding photographer has signed a contract, they have to provide you with excellent service and outstanding images as it’s their reputation and livelihood at stake.  That’s quite a motivation!  They are at your wedding for one purpose only and that is to tell the story of your wedding day with beautiful images of you and your guests at your wedding. 

They have all the required equipment; they even have back up equipment in the event of their main equipment failing.  They will have a second professional photographer on standby in case there is an emergency and they cannot make it.  Absolutely nothing is left to chance. 

We all have a friend or family member who’s keen on photography and has a nice camera.  Ask yourself if it would be fair to ask them to photograph your wedding.  It’s one hell of a responsibility.  Wouldn’t they rather enjoy your wedding along with the other guests without all that pressure?  And what if something went wrong, what if the photographs they took were terrible, what if they were sick on the day and couldn’t attend.  What’s the back-up plan for these things happening?   

In your pre-meeting with your wedding photographer, you will express all of your wishes and talk through any concerns you have.  Your professional wedding photographer will no doubt have already captured wedding photography at your venue countless times before and will have a working relationship with your venues wedding team. 

On the day, your professional wedding photographer will move around your wedding discreetly and unobtrusively.  Allowing you to relax and get on with enjoying your day without giving any thought to your wedding photography because you will have the peace of mind of knowing that it is in safe hands. 

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Choose professional wedding photography to save on time and avoid unforeseen hidden costs.

Are you prepared to put in the extra work and time of not having a professional wedding photographer?  Because whoever does photograph your wedding will need to have a good understanding of your expectations and you will need to tell them exactly where and how you want them to photograph each and every stage of your wedding day.  This wouldn’t be necessary with a professional wedding photographer as through experience they would instinctively know these things.

After the wedding what are you going to do about your wedding album?  Have you factored in the cost of it, and the cost of prints, frames and electronic images?  Have you thought about the time it will take you to create your own wedding album as well as albums for close family members?  You will need to think about how your guests can purchase images as well. 

There are no hidden costs with a professional photographer as you will have agreed all of this from the outset.  And your guests can order images and albums directly from your photographer without you getting involved.

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You won’t regret using a professional wedding photographer. But you may regret not using one!

After the day it is the photographs you will turn to recall those special memories. Good wedding photography is very emotive.  A wedding photograph shouldn’t only instantly transport you back to a specific moment of your wedding to remind you of how you looked, it should also convey and remind you of exactly how you felt in that moment.  With each beautiful and timeless image telling the story of your day from beginning to end.  That is what professional wedding photography gives you.  And you’ve got just one chance to get it right.

Are you planning your wedding day and looking for a professional photographer to perfectly capture your day? I would love to hear about your plans so please get in touch using the link below!