5 apps you can’t live without when planning your wedding

5 apps you can’t live without when planning your wedding

Before I got married, I remember when wedding planning involved a large heavy planning book stuffed with ideas, swatches and samples.  That couples had to lug around with them from place to place.  Wedding planning involved lots of phone calls, letters by snail mail and far too much licking of envelopes.  Thankfully, technology has come to couples rescue and you can now organise your entire wedding from your phone. 

There’s a host of wedding planning apps out there to pretty much take care of every aspect of your wedding planning.  In this blog I will talk about some of my favourites.

A wedding planning app for pulling together all of your ideas in one place


Pinterest | a great app for creating a mood board for your wedding

Who doesn’t love Pinterest?  This online mood board allows you to creatively bring together all of your ideas, dreams and wishes for your wedding day.  Offering a vast number of options for you to choose from, you just pin together what you like to create your vision of a perfect wedding.   Pinterest is a great place to start and as with all creative activities, it’s so enjoyable.  Once you have settled on your perfect Pinterest page you can really start to bring your vision to life. You can also follow me here!

A wedding planning app for fun and unique gifts and wedding favours


Etsy | a place to search for unique wedding gifts

Etsy is the one stop shop for thousands of unique wedding items that you cannot find anywhere else. Personalised, fun, meaningful.  Etsy really is the first place to look for wedding favours, trinkets and gifts. 

A wedding planning app for collecting other people’s pictures of your wedding


WedBox | an app for your guests to upload their photos from your wedding day

Of course, you’ll have a professional wedding photographer at your wedding and you may choose to have a fun photo booth but with all that, there will still be photographs taken at your wedding that you’ll never see.  If you get all of your guests to download WedBox they can upload all of the pictures they take at your wedding. Then you can simply download them and share them wherever you want to. Instead of buying poor quality disposable cameras, buy a selfie stick for each table so your guests can capture everyone on their table and upload them to WedBox!

A wedding planning app for managing all of your invites and RSVP’s

Appy Couple

Appy Couple | a great app for sending invites to your wedding guests

Instead of contacting everyone individually, Appy Couple allows you to share information, updates and timings for the big day in one place, as well as send invites, collect RSVPs and manage the guest list. You can use it instead of physical invites or alongside them to keep track of attendees.

A wedding planning app for tracking your comparing wedding venues and suppliers


Bridebook | for tracking your comparing wedding venues and suppliers

Bridebook is the UK most popular wedding planning app.  It comes with a host of wedding tools to help you with every stage of wedding planning.  It has a great tool for compiling shortlists of your favourite venues and suppliers as you go.

All of the wedding planning apps I have mentioned in this blog are free.  So, see wedding planning apps as helpful and knowledgeable members of your wedding party.  Storing information for you and giving you ideas and inspiration along with way.  Allowing you to relax and enjoy the process of planning your perfect wedding.  

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