Virginia Water Engagement Photographer

Virginia Water Engagement Photographer

Zoe and David’s Engagement shoot at Virginia Water

Zoe and David chose the beautiful setting of Virginia Water in Surrey for their summer engagement shoot.  One of the best things about being a Surrey wedding photographer is getting to work at locations like Virginia Water.  The lake, woodland shores, cascading waterfalls, totem poles and ancient monuments gave me a fantastic variety of beautiful and interesting backdrops when photographing Zoe and David.

I always recommend couples book an engagement shoot.  You would say that I hear you cry, but hear me out.  Engagement shoots are a great way for the two of you to get used to being photographed before your wedding day.  And I can give you tips and advice on how to relax in front of the camera. 

On the day there was just the four of us. Me, Zoe, David and their dog Saffron who was really up for the photo shoot.  Zoe and David were a little nervous, though didn’t need to be as they were naturals. 

We started with a simple walk around the lake so we could just have a chat and get comfortable with one another.  I find getting to know my couples a little before the shoot starts really helps them to relax and gives them a chance to talk about their expectations from the shoot and air any anxieties they may have about being photographed.  

Natural Surrey engagement photography

My photographic style is always natural and authentic so I wanted Zoe and David to have fun and just forget about the camera.  Bringing a pet dog always add a touch of fun and is especially useful for couples who are feeling self-conscious about being photographed.  This approach allowed me to capture them as they actually are, interacting with each other in an effortless and natural way.  Nothing posed or forced, but as you can see, looking their absolute best!

We stopped on a grass bank for a few shots, some with and some without Saffron.  Saffron was happy to hang out with me on my side of camera for the shots she wasn’t in.  What a professional!  

We then moved onto the Roman ruins and I got some great images.  The ones where David lifts Zoe are amongst my favourite images of the shoot.  Here take a look!

We then moved onto Virginia Waters famous cascading waterfalls and along to the site of their 100-foot totem pole with its ten mystical totem characters.  At this point we had a little rest.  It was a hot day so we treated ourselves to a sit down and an ice-cream. 

Creative engagement photography in Surrey

Once refreshed, I got a few more images of Zoe and David in Virginia Waters beautiful gardens.  Some with and some without Saffron. 

I loved the time spent with Zoe and David shooting their Virginia Waters engagement photography.  Seeing them relax into and actually start to enjoy the photo shoot was a real pleasure and made me really look forward to photographing their forthcoming military wedding. 

If you’re currently planning your wedding and want to know more about engagement photography in Surrey, London or the South East then get in touch.   I’d love to hear from you. 

And if you do go ahead and book with me, feel free to bring your dog along!