Richmond Park Pre Wedding Engagement Shoot

Richmond Park Pre Wedding Engagement Shoot

Ella and Cameron’s Engagement shoot in Richmond Park

I really enjoyed meeting and working with Ella and Cameron.  The best thing about being a London engagement photographer is that the city has eight world-famous royal parks that all make fantastic backdrops.  Ella and Cameron chose Richmond. 

I always recommend couples book an engagement shoot.  You would say that I hear you cry, but hear me out.  Engagement shoots are a great way for the two of you to get used to being photographed before your wedding day.  And I can give you tips and advice on how to relax in front of the camera. 

Many of my couples go on to use the images from the engagement shoot in their wedding stationery.

So, on a bright but chilly day in February, I met up with Ella and Cameron in nearby Kingston Town Centre.  We sensibly started with a coffee in Starbucks so we could get to know one another a little before we start. 

I find spending twenty minutes getting to know my couples before the shoot starts really helps them to relax.  It’s also an opportunity to talk about their expectations from the shoot and air any anxieties they may have about being photographed.  

Natural London engagement photography

We started by taking some images in Kingston Town Centre.  We walked to the ‘Out of Order sculpture phone boxes’ for some shots.  We then moved around Kingston taking images.  There was a little rain which I worked with to create some interesting reflection shots plus some exposure images of people walking past.  I was really pleased with the results.  Professional photography is all about capturing the moment and working with whatever backdrops and weather are thrown at you to create the best images possible. 

We then headed to Richmond Park to continue the shoot and met up with their friend Tom who had bought Ella and Cameron’s dog Gunner with him.  I love it when couples bring their dogs to an engagement shoot.  After all, Ella and Cameron wouldn’t normally dream of having a walk in the park without Gunner so it felt natural that he should be included. 

Tom stayed around to look after Gunner during the images he wasn’t in.  Playing the role of Gunner’s talent agent for the day!

My photographic style is always natural and authentic so I wanted Ella and Cameron to have fun and just forget about the camera.  This approach allowed me to capture Ella and Cameron as they actually are, interacting with each other in an effortless and natural way.  Nothing posed or forced, but as you can see, looking their absolute best!

Creative Richmond Park engagement photography

My favourite image with Gunner is definitely the three of them sitting on the bench taken from the back.  A visual reminder that there will definitely be the three of them in this marriage!

I think my favourite image of the day was Cameron lifting Emma off the ground in an embrace.  It’s a romantic pose but looked so natural and spontaneous done in wellies and hats with the parkland as a backdrop. 

I really enjoyed the time I spent with Ella and Cameron shooting their Kingston and Richmond Park engagement photography.  And I know they’re thrilled with the images.   

If you’re currently planning your wedding and want to know more about engagement photography in London or the South East then get in touch.   I’d love to hear from you.